Why Update Your WordPress Website?

Your WordPress website needs to be updated just like your phone and other devices. When you don’t install the latest software versions, your website may malfunction or get infected with <...

Top 5 Ecommerce Website Designs In 2018

Ecommerce websites have become the future of shopping. It is more convenient to let items arrive at your door than to stand in long lines to buy them. More

Badie Designs awarded IDA Honorable Mention for 2017

Badie Designs, a design and marketing agency in Atlanta, has been awarded with the honorable mention for the 2017 International Design Awards. This

How Nike Made A Bold Decision In Advertising

How Nike made a bold decision in advertising On September 4, 2018,

  • The COVID-19 health crisis has changed today’s business landscape dramatically. Because opportunities to network in person have become restricted, business...
  • When most people think of a brand, they think of a company’s logo. But that’s just the most visible element....

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