Your college or university needs a compelling digital presence to remain competitive. The professionals at Atlanta-based graphic design agency Badie Designs LLC can help you:

  • Create engaging website and social media content that attracts current and prospective students along with parents, donors, boards of trustees, and more
  • Make the most of your brand identity by taking a fresh look at your logo, brand colors, imagery, and messaging
  • Speak to diverse audiences across multiple generations (Gen Z and beyond) and cultural backgrounds
  • Implement a unified, actionable marketing strategy—and receive the visibility you need to determine whether that strategy is working

We have:

  • Produced culturally affirming educational materials for young Black and Brown students
  • Offered educational and networking resources to Black entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Created website content that supports university research in the public health space
As a woman-owned agency and an MBE, Badie Designs is qualified to work with educational institutions at all grade levels.
Taking your institution’s goals, vision, and mission as our starting point, we’ll help you create digital assets that attract all of your audiences.