Website Security and Maintenance

Internet Security

You’ve probably heard stories about hackers who’ve spoofed company websites in order to steal customer data. Or posing as representatives of a legitimate business in order to steal login credentials. Or perhaps defacing websites using false or abusive content.

If any of this has happened to you, or even if it hasn’t, you need to take notice because your website is one of your most important business assets. It’s worth protecting.

What can you do to reduce your technology risk?

Turn to Badie Designs for expert help. We’re based in Atlanta, and we work with a broad spectrum of clients in Georgia and throughout the United States. Our innovative login technologies combine visual formatting elements like bolding, italics, and color choices with traditional password-protection measures to create robust safeguards against hackers.

Not that the job of promoting security is finished after users log in. Before they can browse your website safely, it must be secured with an SSL certificate.

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SSL, or secure socket layer, is designed to protect sensitive information.

SSL, or secure socket layer, is designed to protect sensitive information. Personal data on the Internet travels from computer to computer before arriving at the destination server. If the information you send is not protected with encryption—which masks the data as a jumble of letters, numbers, and symbols—then any computer between you and the destination server can detect and read it. That should never happen to your organization’s website. An SSL security certificate is used to encrypt information until it reaches the server it’s intended for. And it’s that SSL security certificate that transforms http into https.

If you choose Badie Designs to build your website, we will confirm that your SSL certificate is installed.

We’ll also sanitize incoming data, deploy a firewall, and perform regular backups and security scans. If our system detects suspicious activity on your website, we will investigate the issue promptly. Should your site be infected with malware or otherwise compromised, we will clean up the site and restore its normal functionality.

We typically respond to routine security requests within 8 to 12 hours and to disaster recovery/crisis events within 4 to 8 hours.

More ways to make your website safe

Follow these best practices to promote IT security:

  • Don’t leave work open on your computer when you step away from your desk—even at home.
  • Use strong passwords and change them regularly.
  • Don’t use the same password for more than one login.
  • Use two-factor authentication, in which the system not only requires a password, but also sends a confirmation code to your cell phone or email address.
  • Know the limits of third-party technology.
  • Don’t be overgenerous with website administrator permissions. Giving access to people who don’t need it runs the risk of errors and miscommunication along with security breaches.
  • Don’t log in to your website using public Wi-Fi. Hackers can steal your information on public networks—don’t give them the chance.
  • Download plugins and security software only from credible sources.
  • Recognize that human error is a major cause of security breaches.

Other Maintenance Services

With threats to data retention ranging from hackers to hurricanes, having a reliable website maintenance plan is essential. Badie Designs partners with well-known service providers to offer a full range of storage and hosting solutions so that your website is fully managed for you. Below are some of these solutions.

Maintenance offerings include:

Automatic Backups and Disaster Recovery

Website backups allow you to rest easy knowing your information won’t disappear. If something goes wrong, we will restore your site from the backup location we created when we developed the site. Likewise, we’ll establish a disaster recovery environment for the database so that information is not lost.

Performance Scans and Speed Tests

Your website will be scanned regularly to make sure it loads quickly and is optimized for speed. If the system detects slowness in your website, we can help you speed it up.

Monitoring for Broken Links

We will scan your website regularly for broken links and fix them if possible. If we’re not sure where to redirect an outdated page, we’ll ask for clarification from you so that your visitors won’t have to contend with pages that aren’t working.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Our approach to managed hosting strives for 99% uptime. Fallbacks are in place to restore uptime in the event of failure.

Monthly Reports

Each month, our clients receive a report that shows changes applied, backups performed, update statistics, and more.

For more information about how your website can benefit from our maintenance and security services, contact us today.