The competing demands of a marketing campaign make for a complex juggling act. At Atlanta-based graphic design agency Badie Designs LLC, we can help you keep the momentum going. We understand that even the smallest aspect of a campaign can make an enormous impact on its success.

Our specialties include:

  • Building webpages with visually compelling themes, SEO-friendly content, and brand-compliant presentation
  • Creating attractive print and digital assets that promote your organization’s mission
  • Developing campaign materials for businesses across a broad spectrum of industry sectors

We recognize that the quality of your website makes the difference between visitors who leave your site and those who remain, convert, and form long-lasting relationships with you. That’s why we pay close attention to the principles of user experience, or UX, as well as design theory when we create websites.

Create content that ranks well in SEO

Your website might be beautifully designed, but without robust search engine optimization, or SEO, few people are likely to see it. That’s because SEO is the foundation of every well-built website. And it’s something you need to put in place so that:

  • Your website is easy to find
  • Your site has an intuitively organized structure that’s easy for users and search engine algorithms to make sense of
  • You have visibility into what visitors to your site are looking for on the web
  • Visitors living with disabilities can perceive and understand the content on your site

The best content writers make SEO keyword placement flow well and look natural even as it delivers tangible value to your website and your business.

If you choose Badie Designs to lead marketing efforts for your site, we will work with you to:

  • Determine the keywords that will help your website rank well in search
  • Create the meta titles and meta descriptions that tell visitors and search engines about your organization’s products or services
  • Integrate SEO keywords into your content and tag them accordingly
  • Provide alternate text, better known as alt text, for images
  • Prevent search engines from mislabeling individual webpages as duplicates and removing them from the index so that searchers can’t find them
  • Organize the structure of your website using a sitemap

Listen to your critics on social media

Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms provide highly visible spaces for customer reviews, be they positive or negative—and on social media, bad news in particular travels fast. If that happens to you, be proactive. Follow up with customers to learn how their user experience could be improved. Respond with positive action and use your social media accounts to report on your progress.

How to stand out on social media

Your audience is out there—it’s your job to draw them in. Here are some tips for engaging with your audience early and often:

  • Tell customers’ stories through testimonials
  • Consider offering discounts for holidays and other special occasions
  • Cross-post if you’re promoting a marketing campaign with an affiliate partner
  • Get input from influencers to widen the reach of your online marketing campaigns
  • Track industry trends and show your audience that you understand them
  • Include on-trend, on-brand videos and compelling but accessible imagery
  • Proofread your posts—every time

Badie Designs is here to help you make the most of social media. Learn how.

Pay attention to content strategy

Want help aligning your messaging with your marketing goals? Think long-term. If you choose Badie Designs, we can help you:

Prioritize your business goals for website content
Create and organize a content inventory
Analyze and optimize your internal linking
Identify your most engaging content by tracking shares, likes, and other metrics
Evaluate whether visitors to your website should pay for access to specialized content
Request guidance about the types of content you want to add vs. delete (e.g., landing pages, SEO, advertising, social media campaigns)
Discover which pages and images offer the best user experience for your visitors

Insights gained from those processes will inform our user experience and user interface design work and provide valuable strategic information that you can use in future campaigns. In addition, our specialists can enhance your messaging by adding and revising content for Google and social media advertisements along with your website.

Are you looking for help bringing your marketing campaign to life?

Contact Badie Designs to collaborate with experienced web designers, web marketers, and web content specialists.