Berkshire Benchmarks

The Berkshire Regional Planning Commission (BRPC) tracks the region’s progress through its collaborative Berkshire Benchmarks program, whose website provides regional indicators and serves as a data clearinghouse.

Project Scope

Website Design
Web Development
UX/UI Design
Data Analytics


The BRPC felt that the Berkshire Benchmarks website was no longer meeting its needs or those of its users. Online visitors unfamiliar with the Berkshire Benchmarks program found the website difficult to navigate and use. Further, the website was not easy for staff to edit.


The Berkshire Regional Planning Commission (BRPC) engaged Badie Designs to create a new website for its Berkshire Benchmarks program. The site includes:

  • Automated collection of data from the state
  • A reports page searchable by agency, topic, and year
  • Pages for sectors such as the economy, education, housing, transportation, and the environment

We’ll be maintaining the website for three years.

Website Design

Total Population
Individuals in Poverty
Children (under 18) in poverty
Median Household Income
Unemployment Rate

Data Search Feature