Emory AMIS

In cooperation with study partner Emory University, the American Men’s Internet Survey (AMIS) monitors trends in sexual health in order to improve public health services for HIV prevention.

Project Scope

Website Design
Website Development

The Challenge

The client felt that its website lacked a clean design, a consistent visual brand, and content that was useful, accessible, and easy to navigate. Ultimately, AMIS wanted its website to become a space for participants and researchers alike to quickly find and understand the information they needed.

The Results

Badie Designs created a responsively designed website that aligns with the brand, has basic SEO optimization, contains accessibility features, and is translated into Spanish.

Specifically, our work included:

Creating a modern design that reflects the AMIS brand
Redesigning the home page to include accessible introductory information for potential participants along with researchers
Using more accessible color contrasts
Optimizing the website for SEO
Adding links to surveys, reports, and other publications and classifying them appropriately on the site
Integrating responsive Tableau data charts
Fixing the broken email entry field on the Data Requests page
Linking to social media pages
Making the site easier to edit on the back end
Moving the website to a secure server
Providing a Spanish version of the website

The client was extremely pleased with the new website.

Website Design