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Well-built websites begin with strong foundations. The expert web developers at Atlanta-based Badie Designs LLC have decades of combined experience creating websites that are practical and functional without sacrificing visual impact or user experience. Our developers understand how content management systems work. We create websites that give you—the user—the freedom to make basic edits without outside assistance. And that’s just the beginning.

A website developed by Badie Designs will:

A website developed by Badie Designs will:

  • Implement smooth navigation and an intuitive page structure
  • Load quickly and be optimized for speed
  • Use responsive design that displays content consistently and attractively across multiple devices and browsers
  • Connect your website to traffic analytics and optimize it for SEO
  • Allow you to create secure URLs, including dynamic pages

You can host a range of:

  • Documents
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Infographics (e.g., Tableau visualizations)
  • Interactive content
  • Maps (via integration of ArcGIS or other applications)

A website developed by Badie Designs will:

  • Let you assign permissions to modify website content based on each user’s role in your organization
  • Let you use calendar functionality to plan meetings, workshops, and other events
  • Allow you to send automated messages about your events
  • Give you the ability to develop multiple contact forms to suit different needs and audiences

Site visitors will be able to:

  • Post public comments
  • Subscribe to newsletters
  • Register for events
  • Request memberships
  • Make purchases and donations
  • Download documents from the site

Badie Designs offers the best web development services in Atlanta. We combine compelling visual design with the functionality you and your customers need.

Below are some of the most important features of a
Badie Designs website:

Custom forms that work for you

Our developers will integrate contact form functionality directly into your website so that you can:

  • Store client data securely
  • Set up automated email messages when people complete a contact form
  • Use conditional logic (“if X, then Y”) based on user responses; for example, if response A is chosen, the system will guide the user to question 2, but if response B is selected, the system will automatically skip to question 3

Integrated payment functionality

Our Atlanta web developers will help you create an e-commerce website where customers can sign up or make purchases directly. Some of the key features are:

  • Customers can pay you from your website!
  • You can collect one-off and recurring payments, including donations
  • You’ll be able to accept numerous forms of payment

A website you can edit easily

Websites created by Badie Designs include a text editor that anyone can use; you don’t need coding experience to do it. Making basic edits is simple, and you don’t have to sacrifice visual design elements.

Visibility that lets you follow the numbers

We embed web analytics and tracking functionality into every website we develop. Evaluating your site’s analytics will let you measure traffic to see how well your website is performing. You can also use these analytics as a business tool to continuously assess and improve your website and value proposition. Web analytics will help you see:

  • How people interact with your website
  • The number of visitors you’re getting
  • Visitor locations, devices, and pageviews
  • How often visitors download files in popular formats such as .pdf, .doc, .ppt, .zip, .xls, .docx, .pptx, and .xlsx from your website

Intuitive navigation

Your website, like your branding, should reflect how well you can meet the needs of your customers. And our Atlanta web design team specializes in producing seamless user experiences. Some of the key features we include in our websites are:

  • Breadcrumbs that help visitors navigate easily throughout the site
  • A sticky menu that remains visible while the user scrolls through long pages
  • A well-structured menu and submenus, along with a search bar, for ease of use

Would you like to have us manage your website maintenance and updates for you? Let us know. We’ll be happy to help.

Secure intranet portals

We can build an intranet portal so that your staff, clients, and/or members can easily upload and download sensitive information such as:

  • Addresses and telephone numbers
  • Payroll and income tax data
  • Insurance and 401(k) information
  • Internal training manuals and videos
  • News, announcements, and resources

Our Atlanta web developers will work to protect this critical information. Further, as a silver-level IBM business partner, Badie Designs has access to even more innovative IT solutions.

Accessible content

We take an accessibility-first approach across all of our website content. With input from our designers and content specialists, our developers will build your pages so that:

  • Content is easy to scan
  • Content is readable on multiple devices with differing screen sizes
  • Color contrasts meet accessibility standards
  • Names of hyperlinks are easy to remember
  • Audio and video links are visible on the site
  • Instructions, error messages, labels, and alerts are clear and easy to understand
  • Graphical elements contain captions, alt text, and/or other textual descriptions
  • Multimedia presentations are accompanied by audio and video transcripts
  • Interactive elements are easily identifiable with distinct styles
  • Users can stop animations, scrolling elements, and embedded sounds
  • Alt and ARIA attributes are present
  • Navigational elements such as menus are easy to use
  • Appropriate heading levels give textual content a clear structure
  • Content is formatted with lists using bullets or numbers rather than long sentences
  • Tables are used to organize statistical content and other complex data

We are experts in accessibility. Our attention to detail will help strengthen your reputation among site visitors who live with disabilities.

Contact us now to learn more about how our Atlanta web developers can build a website that stands out from the competition.