Help Customers Fall in Love With Your Website

Posted on February 3, 2023

Many marketers think of redesigning their website as the last step of building their brand—but it’s actually the first step toward its success. Because your website is often the first impression consumers have of your brand, you must analyze web traffic patterns. If consumers leave your site too quickly, that’s a warning sign.

It may be time to redesign your website when …

  1. It’s difficult to navigate.

    Make the structure of your website easy to browse so that visitors won’t get frustrated and go to a competitor’s site instead. If a sitemap is not in place, create one, and organize your pages in a way that feels natural to your audience. Optimizing the information architecture of your site will help decrease bounce rates and keep consumers engaged.

  2. It doesn’t match the most recent rebranding.

    Redesign your website with an updated look that reflects your current branding and appeals to your target consumers. If your site was last designed in 2010, it probably won’t resonate with your audience in 2023. To remain relevant, your website should tell the most current version of your brand story using a modern, clean design.

  3. It isn’t optimized for mobile.

    These days, more people look at sites on their phones rather than on laptops. Therefore, making sure your site is mobile-friendly is crucial. The mobile experience is different from desktop experiences, and consumers shouldn’t have to zoom in and out to read the information on your site. If you want consumers to come to your site and stay there, you must invest in responsive design so that your site adapts to whatever device consumers use.

  4. It isn’t accessible.

    Responsive design is part of accessibility, but it’s only the beginning. To be accessible, your website should also contain features such as easy-to-interpret color combinations, descriptive text and transcripts for visual and audio content, and user-friendly instructions and alerts. A fully accessible website will conform to industry standards for web accessibility.

A successful website redesign will help you elevate your brand that much higher. Improving the site’s navigation and design and making your website responsive and accessible will increase web traffic and help your consumers fall in love with your brand.

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