Hunting For Easter Marketing Strategies: 7 Ways To Connect With Your Client Base

Posted on March 28, 2019

If you aren’t a retailer or a faith-based organization, advertising for the Easter season can pose challenges. It’s more difficult to sell an approach to brand identity than it is to put inexpensive chocolates on the shelves or send emails announcing schedules for religious services. But even if you don’t work with retailers or churches, your customers or clients might, and the Easter season represents a prime opportunity for them to increase their foot traffic and digital presence. The right print and social media campaigns can make a big difference in click-throughs and conversions. And these positive outcomes are most likely to happen when you play to your strengths and market yourself accordingly. Below are some suggested ways to connect with your prospects, customers, and clients:

  1. Send Easter greetings. Create branded e-cards that are readable and functional on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Greeting cards are a good place to get creative with your brand’s color palette and imagery. For example, you might include branded eggs or flowers in a stylized Easter basket, and if your logo happens to look like an egg or a flower, you can present it in bright colors to make it pop.
  2. Give flowers to your clients and prospects in honor of Easter. This thoughtful gesture will go a long way toward showing them that you value your working relationship. Easter lilies are a popular flower choice, but they aren’t the only one. Seasonal bouquets look pretty in pastels, and sending them in hardy plastic or straw baskets will allow recipients to repurpose those baskets after Easter week.
  3. Show off your portfolio. Create a microsite that links to holiday-themed advertisements and other collateral. Visually appealing content that’s tailored to the Easter season will help you differentiate yourself from the competition. Remember to keep your portfolio accessible to all site visitors, especially when it comes to displaying videos and animation.
  4. Conduct joint marketing campaigns. Working collaboratively to drive sales lets you promote not only your brand, but also the products and services your clients and prospects are offering. Brainstorm price reductions and other cross-promotions that can be offered both electronically and in print. Promotional efforts might include a free or discounted consultation (more on this later) or an event held in partnership with a client or influencer. As a bonus, you can use photos and video clips from promotional events to share your Easter story.
  5. Go interactive. Let visitors play with a variety of clickable elements in holiday-themed games. For example, if the page contains a basket of eggs, have each egg open to reveal a bouquet of flowers, a fun fact about your organization, or a coupon or discount code (see the previous tip). Alternatively, lead visitors through a graphical Easter egg hunt whose last stop is a campaign microsite or a simplified “About us” process flow.
  6. Delight clients and prospects with Easter gift baskets, and make them as distinctive as you are. Eggs can be traditionally dyed or made of easy-open plastic (don’t forget to put in the treats). Chocolate eggs and marshmallow chicks are always welcome, as are sugar-free candies and similar alternatives for those with special dietary needs. Dainty panoramic eggs, edible or otherwise, introduce a note of timeless elegance. If you want to offer something more substantial than candy, consider including specialty snack items like gourmet cheeses, crackers, shortbreads, and dip mixes.Remember to tell your recipients who sent the basket. Enclose a branded greeting card and perhaps a coupon or two for cross-promotional purposes. Top it all off with a decorative bow in your organization’s brand colors.
  7. Offer a complimentary or discounted consultation. Organizations are always looking to improve their content. Giving them an hour’s worth of writing, editing, or design assistance gratis or at a discount is a goodwill gesture they’ll remember and appreciate. If they haven’t worked with you before, this is your opportunity to impress them; it’s also their chance to evaluate your work without cost pressures. Consider packaging this offer with a greeting card or a gift basket.

The suggestions above offer several options for promoting your products and services during the holidays. To explore marketing and design strategies for the Easter season and beyond, please contact us.

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