Marketing your workplace: The importance of employer branding

Posted on May 21, 2021

Good businesses promote their brand by looking outward and relating it to the products or services they offer. Successful businesses go further. They also look inward and create an employer brand that gives job seekers and employees a window into their reputation and culture. It’s no surprise that employees are impressed by a visionary outlook, good benefits, an emphasis on work/life balance, a solid diversity and inclusion policy, and the option to choose a virtual versus in-person office space. If your company has any of these elements in place, publicizing that fact is a great way to market your work experience to current and prospective employees.

It all starts with reputation, and it starts with tools you already have, such as websites and social media platforms. Positive employee reviews, especially on well-known sites like Indeed or Glassdoor, drive interest in your company and clicks on your career page. And don’t overlook your onboarding program; it should help the company meet its goals by supporting the values and practices discussed in its employer brand.

But don’t stop the process after onboarding is over; keep the momentum going. Find ways to support employees’ well-being and mental health during the pandemic and beyond. Show empathy by understanding what’s going on in the world. If your office is virtual, talk about how you keep employees interested in their work. Also discuss rewards and team activities, including volunteerism. Giving back to the community as a team is another great way to build an employer brand. Combine internal team building with community spirit to demonstrate your support for diversity and inclusion. Post videos, images, testimonials, and stories that highlight all of these initiatives. Build on your success by creating a value proposition that commits to the growth of every employee. When you can explain the value of employees in a single sentence, you’ll have an easier time attracting top talent.

Many companies spend a lot of time creating a brand strategy around our products or services, but how much time do we spend creating a powerful employer brand? It’s too easy to waste a lot of money and time without having the right talent. Creating an employer brand is crucial to hiring—and retaining—the right team. And satisfied employees are far more likely to play a role in sales by being brand ambassadors.

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