How to Prepare Your Socials for the Holiday Season

Posted on December 12, 2023

As the year 2023 hurtles towards its grand finale, there’s no better time for small businesses to harness the power of social media and boost holiday sales. In this guide, we’ll unwrap the secrets to prepare your socials for the festive season, combining fun and engagement with an authoritative touch to set your brand apart.

Be simple and engaging

Let’s kick things off by making shopping a breeze for your audience. With the holiday frenzy in full swing, simplicity is key. Here are some actionable steps to achieve that:

Clickable Product Tags:

Maximize the potential of clickable product tags in your posts. Make it easy for customers to explore and purchase directly from your social media channels. These tags streamline the buying process, reducing friction and making holiday shopping a seamless, enjoyable experience. Connect your brand’s social media accounts to Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to add clickable product tabs.

Lifestyle Imagery for Social Proof:

Leverage the power of user-generated content and lifestyle imagery. Encourage your customers to share photos of your products in use, creating a visual narrative that resonates with potential buyers. This not only provides social proof but also adds a personal touch to your holiday marketing.

Instagram Carousels for Gift Guides:

Capture attention by crafting engaging Instagram carousels that guide shoppers through curated gift ideas. Utilize a mix of product images, festive captions, and swipe-friendly features to keep your audience scrolling and discovering.

Remember, your job is to turn the stress of holiday shopping into a delightful experience, and these strategies ensure your brand stands out in the festive crowd.

Be Helpful

In the season of giving, go beyond being transactional and provide your audience with the information they crave. Elevate your brand by becoming a trusted go-to resource for holiday needs. Here’s how you can tailor this approach for different types of businesses:

  • E-commerce Site Selling a Product:
    In the spirit of giving, enhance your e-commerce brand by providing valuable content. Craft informative blog posts like “The Ultimate Skincare Gift Guide for Every Skin Type,” offering beauty tips and exclusive holiday discounts. Produce engaging tutorial videos showcasing creative ways to use your products during the holidays, such as a video on “5 Easy Holiday Recipes Using Our Must-Have Kitchen Tools” for a kitchen gadget retailer. Design infographics like “The Perfect Outfit for Every Holiday Occasion,” simplifying fashion choices with visuals and concise tips.
  • Professional Service Company:
    Position your professional service company as a holiday ally with informative content. Write blog posts like “Top 10 Strategies to Boost Your Holiday Campaign ROI” if you’re a digital marketing agency, sharing actionable tips and case studies. Create helpful videos like “Smart Money Moves for a Stress-Free Holiday Season” for a financial consulting firm, providing financial planning insights. Design infographics such as “Navigating Holiday Employment Laws: What Employers Need to Know” for a legal firm, making complex legal information visually accessible.
  • Travel Agency:
    For a travel agency, be a guide in the festive journey by creating content like “Unconventional Holiday Escapes: Your Guide to Festive Travel Adventures” in informative blog posts. Produce travel vlogs or destination guides, such as the video series “Festive Discoveries: Exploring Off-the-Beaten-Path Holiday Destinations.” Design handy infographics like “The Ultimate Holiday Travel Checklist” to provide essential travel itineraries and packing guides for your audience.

Leverage Influencer Marketing:

‘Tis the season to amplify your brand through strategic influencer partnerships. Dive into the world of influencers and explore collaborations that resonate with your brand and target audience. Here’s how to make the most of this festive influencer bonanza:

Identify the Right Influencers:

Curate a list of influencers whose values align with your brand. Whether they’re beauty gurus, lifestyle enthusiasts, or tech wizards, choose influencers who authentically connect with your product offerings.

Unboxing Extravaganza:

Capitalize on the excitement of the season with influencer unboxing videos. Encourage influencers to unwrap and showcase your products, sharing their genuine reactions. This not only generates curiosity but also provides potential customers with an authentic preview of what your brand offers.

Heartfelt Recommendations:

Request influencers to share heartfelt recommendations about your products. Authentic endorsements create a sense of trust among their followers. Whether it’s a heartfelt Instagram caption or a genuine YouTube review, these recommendations can serve as powerful testimonials during the holiday shopping rush.

Festive Collaborative Content:

Work with influencers to create collaborative and festive content. Whether it’s a themed photoshoot, a holiday challenge on TikTok, or a live Q&A session on Instagram, collaborative content adds a dynamic and engaging touch to your holiday marketing strategy.

Widen Your Reach:

Leverage influencers to broaden your reach across different platforms. If an influencer has a strong presence on Instagram, consider cross-promoting on other channels like YouTube or Twitter. Diversifying your influencer partnerships ensures that your brand message resonates with a broader audience.

Incorporating these influencer marketing strategies can transform your holiday campaign into a dynamic and engaging spectacle, spreading the joy of your products far and wide.

Make an Impact:

Show your community some love by giving back. Incorporate your charitable efforts into your marketing strategy. Whether it’s donating a percentage of sales to a local charity or organizing a holiday-themed community event, showcase your brand’s heart. Remember, customers love businesses that care, and the holidays provide the perfect backdrop to spread goodwill.

Adjust Based on Recent Campaign Performance:

Avoid the haunting specter of ineffective marketing by staying vigilant about your campaign performance. Dive into the analytics and monitor the following key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand the pulse of your holiday strategy:

Engagement Rates:

Track how well your audience is interacting with your content. High engagement rates indicate that your messaging is resonating. Monitor likes, comments, shares, and other forms of interaction across platforms to gauge audience interest.

Conversion Metrics:

Keep a close eye on conversion metrics to measure how effectively your audience is moving through the sales funnel. Analyze the conversion rate, which represents the percentage of visitors who complete the desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

Click-Through Rates (CTR):

Evaluate the effectiveness of your calls-to-action by monitoring the click-through rates. This metric reflects the percentage of people who clicked on a link, leading them to a designated landing page. A high CTR indicates that your content is compelling and driving user engagement.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS):

For paid advertising campaigns, assess the return on ad spend. Calculate the revenue generated for every dollar spent on advertising. This metric helps you optimize your budget and ensures that your ad investments are delivering a positive return.

Website Traffic:

Examine the traffic your website receives during the holiday campaign period. Increased traffic can be a positive indicator of the campaign’s effectiveness. Use tools like Google Analytics to identify the sources of traffic and understand user behavior on your site.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC):

Determine the cost of acquiring a new customer. Compare this with the revenue generated from each customer to ensure that your acquisition costs align with your overall business goals. This is particularly important for assessing the efficiency of paid advertising.

Bounce Rate:

Keep an eye on the bounce rate, which represents the percentage of visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. A high bounce rate may signal that your landing pages or content needs improvement.

Social Media Impressions:

Track the number of times your content is displayed on users’ screens across social media platforms. While impressions alone don’t guarantee engagement, they provide insights into the reach of your campaign.

Armed with these KPIs, regularly assess your campaign’s performance and make data-driven adjustments. Whether fine-tuning organic social media content or optimizing paid ad strategies, let real-time data be your guiding star to ensure that your holiday campaign not only sleighs but leaves a lasting impact.

Use Interactive Posts:

Amidst the holiday clamor, captivate your audience with interactive posts that go beyond the ordinary. Boost your social media strategy by incorporating the following engaging tactics:

  • Instagram Polls for Festive Preferences: Run lively polls on Instagram to delve into your audience’s holiday preferences. For an e-commerce site selling clothing, create a poll asking about favorite holiday colors or preferred styles for festive occasions. Use the insights gathered to tailor your product offerings and content accordingly.
  • Reel in Engagement with Enticing Calls-to-Action: Harness the power of Reels on Instagram or TikTok to create dynamic and shareable content. Craft entertaining and thematic Reels that feature enticing calls-to-action (CTAs). For instance, if you’re a tech company, create a Reel showcasing the “12 Gadgets of Geekmas” with each gadget revealed playfully, urging viewers to comment with their favorites.
  • Interactive Instagram Stories for Behind-the-Scenes Festivities: Take your audience behind the scenes of your holiday preparations through interactive Instagram Stories. Whether you’re an e-commerce brand or a professional service company, share glimpses of holiday-themed office decor, team celebrations, or product launches. Encourage your audience to share their festive preparations, fostering a sense of community.
  • Holiday Challenges on TikTok: Capitalize on the trend-friendly nature of TikTok by initiating holiday challenges. Encourage users to participate in creative challenges related to your products or services. For instance, a fitness brand can launch a “Jingle Bell Workout Challenge” and invite users to share their workout routines set to festive tunes.
  • Interactive Quizzes for Personalized Recommendations: Craft interactive quizzes on platforms like Instagram or Facebook to provide personalized holiday recommendations. If you’re a beauty brand, create a quiz titled “Discover Your Perfect Holiday Look” where users answer questions about their style preferences, leading to tailored product suggestions.

Remember, the more high-value engagements your posts receive, the more likely social media algorithms are to prioritize your content in users’ feeds. Embrace the festive spirit by fostering meaningful connections, sparking joy, and turning your interactive posts into the life of the holiday social media party.

Plan for the Holiday:

Santa isn’t the only one who needs a meticulous plan. Stress the importance of a well-thought-out social media and content marketing calendar. Explore tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule posts, ensuring your brand remains consistent and engaging throughout the festive season.

Final Thoughts:

As the curtains draw on our holiday social media spectacular, remember that preparation is the key to success. Plan, be engaging, and make a genuine impact. And if the hustle becomes too much, consider partnering with a trusted marketing company like Badie Designs. Let the experts handle the marketing magic, while you focus on what you do best—making your business thrive in the festive frenzy. Cheers to a holly, jolly season of social media success!


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