’Tis the season to go digital: Marketing tips for a safe holiday season

Posted on November 20, 2020

Is your digital strategy in shape for the holidays?

As a business owner, you probably ask yourself that question every year, but 2020 is different. Because the pandemic is still going on, more people than ever will skip the crowds this year and shop online instead. Now is the best time to prepare for an influx of digital customers. Below are some practical ways to put your marketing dollars to work for the weeks ahead:

  • Don’t assume people won’t shop much.Their bank balances may have shrunk, but make no mistake, people still want to shop. They want normalcy. They want a holiday season. They’re ready for some retail therapy. And they’ll want to shop online—some because of COVID restrictions, others because they never liked large crowds (or sore feet) in the first place. Smart business ownersunderstand this, which is why some stores are moving their sales to online-only. Now is not the time to shy away from digital channels. The most effective way to market right now is online.
  • Focus on the home. In a society that’s accustomed to moving from one place to another every day of the week, being unable to travel as much as we’d like is a test of endurance—one we’ve been running for the past nine months with no end in sight. The best marketing strategy takes this collective restlessness into account. People want things that will help them keep busy, stay active, and find comfort without leaving their home. Stylish sleepwear, new linens, kitchen appliances, recipe books, new electronics, exercise machines, e-books, online courses, tickets to livestreamed concerts—the list of home-happy ideas goes on. And don’t forget about e-gift cards!
  • Make sure your websites and apps are properly branded and visually appealing.Choose colors and fonts that are easy to read, natural to combine, and above all, compliant with your organization’s brand standards. Don’t let your holiday messaging clash with your year-round marketing strategy.
  • Avoid spelling or grammatical errors.Nothing puts off potential customers like typos or poorly worded content. That’s true in a print catalog, and it’s just as true online. Take the time to proofread your website and app copy before pushing it live. Keep in mind that even hyperlinks themselves can still function despite misspellings—or result in 404 errors because of them. Check the address and display fields and correct any errors before uploading changes.

If you haven’t started planning your holiday marketing strategy, you are behind the curve. Go ahead and get the ball rolling—toward a safe and memorable holiday season.

Badie Designs specializes in creating actionable print and digital solutions. We can review your website and help you develop your marketing strategy for the holidays. Contact us today for a consultation.

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