Facing the new normal: How to adjust your marketing plan

Posted on May 8, 2020

Today’s pandemic has changed the business landscape considerably. If your organization had a marketing plan in place before the arrival of COVID-19, you may need to rethink your messaging and budget. That’s partly because we can no longer rely on in-person events such as trade shows, workshops, and trainings to get our message across. Instead, we must move this content online through webinars, podcasts, email campaigns, and videos. The good news: If you’ve already gone virtual, you’re ahead of the game.

Evaluate your marketing budget

While every business is different, having an online presence is a must for all of them, even those that are struggling to survive. Despite the fact that people spend more time online than ever due to lockdowns or quarantines, many organizations have slashed their marketing budgets—and in so doing, they’re missing out on a valuable opportunity. Now is the time to increase your marketing budget if you can. Unless you, the business owner, have set aside money for digital marketing, you have made a plan to fail. Knowing how to marketyour organization’s services effectively will contribute to its growth.A robust digital marketing budget should account for all the channels you use: social media, email marketing, and paid search.

Refresh your messaging

Now is also the time to audit the effectiveness of the content you produce. Update it with phrases like “from the comfort of your home,” “due to an abundance of caution,” or other language that will speak to the needs of your prospective clients—and theirs. Refrain from using filler that doesn’t help them understand what services you’re offering.In addition, make sure your visual design elements alignwith any refinements to your messaging; this might not be the right moment to include outdated charts of soaring stock prices, for example. Finally, have someone proofread your content before it goes live.

Find the right meeting space

Another step you must take is to push the timing back for marketing campaigns that require face-to-face interaction. You won’t have to get rid of everything that was previously planned; just make the necessary revisions. Determine what is a high priority and what can go on the back burner for now. For instance, if you previously scheduled a workshop showcasing your capabilities, don’t wait to meet in person. Instead, use videoconferencing tools to get your voice heard now.

But no matter how much you refine your marketing plan, make sure you’re not just selling, selling, selling. Educate your audience, build trust, and know that eventually that trust will lead to lasting relationships and repeat sales. In the meantime, demonstrate that you’re patient and compassionate. Ideally, you’ve been doing that all along, but it’s especially important now, when so many people are losing jobs and even loved ones. If you offer prospective clients something you know will benefit them, you’ll be more likely to make that next sale.

Adjusting to the new normal can be a complex process, especially when it comes to marketing campaigns. We can help you evaluate your budget and refresh your messaging to reflect the evolving needs and concerns of your prospective clients. Contact us today to get started.



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