Show your love digitally

Posted on February 14, 2022

Starting a business can be a daunting task. You have to do almost everything—prospecting, promoting, budgeting—while you’re building your business from the ground up.

And since the COVID-19 pandemic began, business owners have had to become even more authentic, strategic, and effective in how they communicate and build connections in digital spaces.

Many businesses have closed their doors during the pandemic, but others have kept going thanks to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other virtual platforms.

The transition has caused issues for some companies because they’ve had to learn how to speak their customers’ love language digitally. It’s like sending a message professing your love and waiting for a response. How can you show love to your customers online? How can you get them to feel your love?

First, reward those that shop with you consistently. Make them affiliates so that they can get paid for sending people to you. Create a point-based rewards program that gives them special benefits for shopping with you.

Next, highlight them and their accomplishments on your website and social media accounts. Fashion Nova does a great job at this because they consistently feature influencers and people that wear their clothing. That
benefits the influencers because they gain exposure and get paid; it benefits you because you can leverage your influence on their platform along with yours.

Third, send thank-you cards, emails, text messages, letters, or videos to your customers on their special days. On my SMS marketing platform, subscribers supply their birthdays and I reward them with a free consultation. This
allows me to celebrate them and their personal days and wins. Likewise, they appreciate being thought of and thanked—a large part of the language of love.

It’s good to tell people that you love and appreciate them. It’s better if they know you mean it.

How are you going to show your love digitally?

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