Faster, smarter, stronger: Meet IBM’s Watson Assistant

Posted on March 21, 2022

If you’re encountering customer service issues, you might find that speaking to one agent means repeating yourself to five more. And if you turn to live chat for help, the question may be too complex for the chatbot to resolve. Fortunately, IBM’s Watson Assistant makes resolving customer complaints much easier. 

If you’re a consumer, you can start over with another company. If you’re a business owner hearing those complaints, you don’t have that luxury. You must take action now. This virtual agent starts where many of your customers do: on your website. But unlike most chatbots, Watson Assistant offers an out-of-the- box web chat interface that’s intuitive, secure, versatile, easy for anyone—not just programmers—to create and maintain, and built with insights from real-world customer experiences and design best practices. Watson Assistant also uses natural language processing, or NLP, which is based on spoken language rather than formal grammatical rules. NLP is how Watson Assistant can make sense of even complex questions. (Does it know when you go off-topic? Yes.) It’s also smart enough to request context from customers instead of asking them to repeat or rephrase their initial question. If the question remains difficult for the AI to understand or isn’t asked in one of its default languages, Watson Assistant will escalate the issue to a human agent for a personalized response. Further, you can customize Watson Assistant to understand internal business abbreviations as well as everyday language that’s used by diverse communities. And Watson Assistant will build its vocabulary over time.

Bringing it all together
Finally, Watson Assistant doesn’t act alone. Rather, it’s designed to help you and your customers communicate across any application, device, or channel—from Facebook to Zendesk to Salesforce to Slack and beyond. That integration makes it even easier for Watson Assistant to remember you and your customers over many interactions. They’ll benefit from shorter wait times and fewer repetitions of information. You’ll benefit by saving money and freeing up your customer service representatives from routine tasks. Search results will be improved. Information retrieval times will be reduced for both your customers and your agents. Security, privacy, and related compliance requirements will be followed. Analytics will help you track customer pain points and business performance.

Courtesy of Watson Assistant, your customers can spend less time complaining about issues and more time thanking you for finding the right solution. Pair the intuitive machine learning of Watson Assistant with the website design and development expertise of Badie Designs to create a powerful vehicle for your business.

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