Tips for Refreshing Your Brand In 2019

Posted on January 4, 2019

2019 has arrived! You’ve probably made a resolution to grow your brand, and so has every other entrepreneur. This is the best time to create brand goals and steps to accomplish them. You must know why achieving these goals is important for your business. Hold yourself accountable by planning to complete small tasks until your goals are reached. If one of your resolutions is to refresh your brand, then these helpful tips are just for you.

Prolong Your Brand’s Shelf Life
If your brand hasn’t been updated in a couple of years it has reached its shelf life. It’s time to refresh the main elements of your brand: your identity, promise, perception, values, and positioning. Your brand must focus on what consumers need and always remain loyal to them. You can build a strong brand by clearly communicating the factors that differentiate you from your competitors. Your brand may not be relevant in today’s market because it has not progressed as the industry evolves. To stay ahead of the curve, you should implement market trends for long-term business growth.

Evaluate Your Website Preservatives
Every page on your website should give visitors a positive impression. Look at all the pages on your website to see what needs to be improved. Remove old content that may not be relevant today. Make sure everything is working and loading properly. Check for any outdated plugins or themes, incorrect information, and broken links. If you have a blog, add new content to keep your visitors interested in your offerings. Invest in new website graphics
to catch the user’s attention. The call to action is the key ingredient to a successful website, so you must use your CTA on your website.

Boost Your Organic Marketing Strategy
People are constantly looking for brands to do business with. If your brand wasn’t generating much traffic last year, it’s time to fix that. Gaining online visibility takes a lot of effort, but consistency adds organic value. How people search online is constantly changing with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Voice searches now make up 20% of all searches on mobile devices. Make sure your keywords are relevant with both voice and text search. Also, add new content to your website and social media channels on a consistent schedule in order to increase your search rankings. Last but not least, engage with your audience on a personal level through your social channels.

Now that you are more aware of why you should refresh your brand, we hope that you implement these tips throughout the new year.

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