Trying New Marketing Tactics? Don’t Be SCARED!

Posted on October 26, 2022

Marketing a brand online has become increasingly complex in recent years, and the number of tactical choices can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re sharing five of the best tactics to add to your overall marketing strategy. It isn’t a trick—implementing these tactics successfully and consistently can help elevate your brand and give your business the edge it needs to spook the competition.

1. Create a compelling brand experience. Draw on all of the sensations, thoughts, feelings, and reactions that the consumer associates with products or services within your brand. An ideal brand experience will:

Engage the five senses. Appealing to two or more of them makes your brand more memorable—and that will help it resonate with customers or clients.

Promote your brand during events to give consumers a chance to learn about your brand and connect with it.

Use elements of pop culture to make your brand relatable, paying attention to details like sounds and visual styles in addition to timing.

Personalize your messaging. Giving customers useful content on each step of their journey helps create a brand experience that feels exclusive to them.

2. Expand your target market on different platforms. Because people spend much of their day on social media, it’s important to reach different target audiences on the social platforms they use most. Whether you’re using Facebook, which primarily targets Gen X (ages 42–57); Twitter and Instagram, both of which typically target millennials (ages 26–41); or TikTok, which targets Gen Z (ages 18–22), you should always tailor your content to the audience of each platform and monitor the performance of that content, adjusting as needed.

3. Motivate consumers to take action on your posts. Your use of social media helps raise consumer awareness of your brand. However, increasing the number of consumers who follow and engage with your posts is a completely different realm. For instance, on Facebook and Instagram, an effective way to increase engagement is to ask a question or conduct a poll. On TikTok, you can entice consumers to follow and share your posts by rewarding follows and shares with giveaways. And on Twitter, posting memes with timely topics that relate to your brand can prompt many consumers to react and comment. 

Re-target your current customers. We all know the importance of gaining new customers or clients, but businesses often forget that it’s also crucial to maintain the satisfaction of those they already have. A great way to do that is through sending emails as a reminder of your brand. And when current customers are shopping or browsing your website, you can retarget them through social media ads that will encourage return visits.

5. Keep up with industry and cultural trends. It’s not enough to just market yourself; you must market yourself in a way that is relevant to pop culture and trends among potential customers. For instance, on TikTok, you can use sound bites that are trending if they’re licensed for commercial use (if you have a business profile, TikTok won’t allow you to include sounds not licensed for commercial use). It’s also important to understand videography trends so that the content doesn’t look or feel outdated. Through Instagram, reels are trending; also, make sure to post a mixture of still photography and organic images. Facebook has a broader reach, so you can use your news feed to post deals of interest to every audience along with statuses and longer videos that target Gen X consumers. As for Twitter, its users tend to post more often than users on other platforms do. Take advantage of that, whether by posting pertinent statuses or creating memes that make your brand relevant in the context of pop culture.
Trying new marketing tactics like the ones we’ve covered can be scary, but don’t let your fear haunt you. Following them consistently over time encourages innovation, and discovering ways to improve is an important part of marketing. Using the right marketing tactics can make your competitors scream in frustration even as new techniques give you an edge—and that’s a real treat!

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