5 Fall Branding Tactics That Consumers Will Gobble Up

Posted on November 22, 2022

Fall is a great time to spice up your brand with seasonal marketing strategies alongside ongoing initiatives. How can you take advantage of this fall season? We’ve got you! Here are five ways to ensure that your content is fall-related:

1. Create seasonal design elements.

Consumers tend to be more drawn to seasonal content during the fall and winter holidays. Make your brand relevant throughout the fall by including visual elements such as pumpkins, autumn leaves, warm clothing, cornucopias, and deeper colors. Seasonal content requires creativity and thought—and timely graphics can help you drive traffic, promote engagement, and acquire new customers.

2. Send out fall-themed weekly deals.

Weekly email campaigns can help you attract more consumers and stay relevant this fall. Creating a blog to send out weekly emails is a great way to gain consumers’ attention. Intertwining infographics within these emails can be another fun way to engage consumers.

3. Ensure that your brand copy relates to the season.

When you create fall-themed imagery, be sure to develop fall-themed copy as well. Consider using headlines like “Fall into fashion” or “Gobble up this amazing deal” in your emails, social media posts, and landing pages. A good headline makes your brand more memorable and more likely than regular copy to capture consumers’ attention.

4. Use seasonally themed hashtags and codes.

One way you can increase engagement with social media posts is to take advantage of hashtags. This broadens your reach, which in turn can increase your following and consumer awareness. Fall-themed hashtags will heighten the interest of existing and new customers. The right codes will serve the same purpose (think “Take 20% off your purchase with code FALL20”). Connecting all of your offers to a specific season can do wonders for sales.

5. Don’t overlook minor holidays.

Thanksgiving and Halloween aren’t the only fall holidays; consider accounting for the rest of them in your content calendar. Start with major holidays and then use DaysoftheYear.com to find lesser holidays (yes, there really is a National Donut Day!) that you can relate to your brand.
There are many ways to promote your brand using fall-themed messaging—social media and blog posts, landing pages, point-of-purchase copy, and more. An in-depth understanding of how to market to your target audiences will help you engage with them not only during the fall but in every season of the year.
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