A Very Merry Way to Advertise on Social Media

Posted on December 25, 2022

Powerful social media content creates an emotional connection that engages your consumers. Our goal is to help you strengthen that connection through targeted advertising on four major platforms:
Instagram is an extremely popular platform and a great way to market your business. Optimal ways to advertise on Instagram include:
  • Posting images related to your brand or products
  • Creating Instagram Reels—short videos with trending sounds you can use to showcase your brand in a relatable way
  • Enticing viewers to follow the link in your bio
  • Providing a gift guide
  • Consider offering promotions to donate to a charity or cause—this season is all about giving back!
If consumers love your brand, they will most likely post responses and tag their followers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to interact with those who share and tag your posts—it’s an ideal way for you to expand your network and increase the emotional connection you’re looking for.
Pinterest is a great place to advertise, especially during the holidays. The platform lets you post attractive seasonal photos as well as short advertisements that include direct links to your products. And because Pinterest was established to provide inspiration, you can relate that inspiration to your product. If it’s a food item, feature it as an ingredient in trendy holiday recipes. If your product is an item of clothing, use it in images of fashion forward outfits. You can also design promotions based on gifting and offer your products as the gift.
The younger generation uses TikTok as their main social media platform. Reach them with videos demonstrating why they need your product and how it can help them. It’s important for business owners and marketers to recognize that TikTok is always changing. Keep up with evolving trends—especially trending sounds—and you can widen your reach. Further, infusing your brand with a seasonal aesthetic will help make it relatable. And don’t forget to take advantage of a new feature that lets consumers make purchases directly from a TikTok shop.
Because many people turn to Twitter for the latest news, the platform is the perfect place to share current promotions and sales. Creating holiday GIFs and memes that relate to your products will help your brand stand out. TikTok and Instagram already have shops, but Twitter’s new shop lets you list up to 50 products and highlight the newest ones. You can also host a live shopping event, which is a particularly effective vehicle for launching new projects—just remember to keep tweeting about them to sustain the excitement. And as always, follow a consistent brand style.
More and more people are leaning on social media, and many of them use it to shop. Targeting the right posts to the right audiences can be hard work, but selecting the right platforms and understanding how to advertise on each one will help you create joy for your customers during this holiday season and throughout the coming year.
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